* Happy Hats * & LapGhans

*Lids For Kids*

*Cancer & Treatment is frightening regardless of how old you are.

*Making Happy Colored Hats & LapGhans for cancer patients is a small way of bringing some sunshine an comfort into the lives of both young and old.

*In my book, those fighting cancer are hero's, they have no choice but to fight this desease.
You can bring a little sunshine into there lives by making some Happy Colored Hats (Lids For Kids) (or) LapGhans to show them that they're not forgotten or alone.

*Please make your Happy Hats (or) LapGhans with Lively Colors to help lift their spirits, you may label them and share a little something about yourself if you'd like to as well.
They must be SOFT as their Heads & Bodies are sensitive from treatment.All Sizes will be greatly appreacheted.


**(Lids For Kids)**

*(Basic Cap)*

Use H & I for Childrens caps, and J & K for lg. caps.

Rnd 1) Ch. 5 and sl st. in first ch to form ring., ch3 counts as first dc from now on, do 11 more dc in ring; join
Rnd 2) ch 3, 2 dc in each st, join
Rnd 3) ch 3, (dc in next st, 2 dc in next st) repeat around, join
Rnd4 ) ch 3, (dc in 2 st, 2 dc in next) repeat around, join
(NOTE) I make 2 rows of Rnd 4 to make cap a little longer.
Rnd 5 - 12 ) ch 3, dc in each st.around, join
Rnd 13-15) ch 1, sc in each st, join
Rnd 16) ch 3, dc i each st around. oin and finish off.
(NOTE) Turn last 5 rows up for cuff


*Make a LapGhan: They may be knitted, crocheted, quilted, woven, cross-stitch... Blankets must be washable and in child friendly colors and patterns. Children come in all sizes so we welcome all sizes of blankets.

*LapGhan Pattern*
This is a lapghan that is made in panels and it works up so lovely, also if you add a tie to the top 2 corners they can tie it on the wheelchairs so they don't slip off

*Dolls & Teddy Bears*

* Crochet (or) Knitted Dolls & Teddy Bears accepted for the children.These children need that feeling of a close friend durning this time, so were now thrilled to have dolls, Teddy Bears, or any Hand-Made Animal's. Many Patterns available on the innernet Free of charge

*Send Hats & LapGhans & Dolls
Childrens Hospital
3020 Childrens Way
San Diego Ca.
(619) 576-1700
ATT: Lids For Kids Program


* Jean Marie
1520 Sunbury Ct.
Vista Ca. 92084

*E-mail Me anytime*
Jeanarie- Ps_91@yahoo.com
OR Wisteria_Angel@yahoo.com

* Virginia


*This is Decated to Virginia Johnson who has worked far beyond the call of Charity. Virginia has made more hats of love and given from her heart for these wonderful children.
She has even reached out to company's in order to get donations for supplies for our childrens hats
This is just a small way of saying Thank You Virgina for all you've done to help these children. (April 20th,2000)
*I would like to Thank "Coats & Clark" for donating yarn to help us make these children hats. Your contrabution means the world to us and our children. (May 17th,2000)


*CGOA* "Charity & More"

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