Animazement Photos


New Friends

The girl in front, as you see, is dressed as Chichiri From Fushigi Yugi. To the Left is James from Team Rocket, to the Right is half a person, and finally, behind is Chiriko from Fushigi Yuugi too!

Odd face...

This is my friend Kristen, she was dressed in a green, floral patterned kimono, which use to be my mom's. She got scared of the camera, I took a surpise shot of her.


Very kawaii Cosplayers from Saturday! I've seen them from pics before, they're costumes are GREAT! And they get a lot of attention, the more glitz and glamour, the more you're noticed! (What's so funny with the guys behind them?)

I feel a headache coming on...

"AUGHHHH! Give me my HAT!" "JUST TRY AND TAKE IT CHICHIRI!" Yeah, I know it was kinda fake, well... really fake. Kinda looks like they're fighting over Chiriko, kinda.

Group Picture!

Okay... Say Cheese! We got a really great group pic, right infront of Video Room Three. Actually across the hall from it... but I'm the one in the brown school girl outfit with half my hair kinda up.

Kawaii Kitty Kat!

AWWWW! This is the cat from Fushigi Yuugi, the one that Mitsukake owns, I forgot its name! Oh well, when we went to the Yuu Watase Panel, and the cat walked in, Ms. Watase was very very excited and though it was soooo cute!

No Loitering!

We all just kinda stood around, we were waiting in line for Yuu Watase's autograph, so I got bored, and took a pic of everyone just standing there. I know, boring... (Someone's peaking out of the door!)

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