Welcome to APLBN (Asian/Pacific-Islander Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Network)

A National Organization Dedicated to Bridging the APLB&T; Community

IT'S HISTORY-IN-THE-MAKING!!! The 2nd APLBN National Conference - July 3-5, 1998.
*CONFERENCE SCHEDULE & APLBN MISSION STATEMENT on view: Over 40 workshops, more than 82 facilitators, panelists, and moderators and a long list of entertainers for the Friday Night Cultural Extravaganza is now available for viewing at http://members.tripod.com/~aplbn/index.html


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*WE HAVE A WINNER!! The new APLBN logo will be unveiled at the conference next week...for information on how the LOGO contest was admininstered, see "CALL FOR PROPOSALS & APLBN LOGO CONTEST" at http://expage.com/page/aplbn1


APLBN (nee APLN) is a National organization formed by a coalition of individuals at the local and national levels that serves as a network to empower and support Asian/Pacific Islander Lesbians and Bisexuals. These pioneering women first came together in October, 1987, to participate in the National March on Washington (MOW) for Lesbian and Gay Rights. It was the very first time we came together nationally as an APL&B; community. Armed with a $3,000 seed grant from the MOW Committee, an informal Asian Pacific Lesbian Network (APLN) was born at the first planning meeting held in October, 1988, in Washington, D.C. This ground-breaking meeting, the first-of-its-kind, brought more than 80 women together at a time when the term "APL&B;" had exciting and limitless potential. Our purpose then, as it is today, is to build a national network of APL&B; communities across the U.S. and abroad.

During its evolution, APLBN has helped spawn numerous affiliated organizations and international groups. It has also been a forum for activism and social change within the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/& Transgender community. Since 1987, APLBN members have planned, participated in, and supported several conferences, most notably:

1) The historic 1989 1st National Conference where 200 women, including API's from other countries, gathered at UC-Santa Cruz to the theme "Coming Together, Moving Forward;"
2) The 1993 West Coast Retreat ("Moving Beyond Visibility - Empowerment, Leadership, & Activism") at Boulder Creek, CA., where over 180 women engaged in skills workshops that forged new local organizations;
3) The 1995 Mid-West Retreat ("Breaking Isolation, Creating Community") held in Minneapolis, that celebrated our Diversity.



Scheduled for July 3-5, 1998, the 2nd APLBN National Conference ("Building Bridges - Spanning Our Past Toward Our Future") will be held on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The organizers welcome and encourage all APLB&T; women from across the country to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and network with hundreds of women from the U.S. and abroad. Come share your experiences. Represent your needs, and those of your Region, at this historic event.

Overnight conference fees will cover all activities, plus room & board. Day use fees will also be available for commuters.

To contact APLBN please choose one or all of the following:
Send email to aplconf@aol.com to have a registration form sent email or snail mail to you; or use the "Guest Book" below for inquiries and comments; or re-visit our website for continuous updates.

* Also, view the LAAPIS website for details on discounted airfare or to reserve your space online at: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/8878/events.html

*OVERNIGHT REGISTRATION DEADLINE - JUNE 19. Please note: a LATE FEE will be charged for reservations made after this date, and there is NO GUARANTEE for overnight accommodations after June 19; however, commuter registration will remain open. Call 650-829-5454 for more information and/or a conference brochure .

*Go to "Call for Proposals" criteria now! http://expage.com/page/aplbn1
or Go to APLBN "In the News and Regional Views" http://expage.com/page/aplbn2


*(Interested in a detailed history of APLBN since the March on Washington in 1987? - stay tuned!)

For ?'s re. this site, send email to: aplconf@aol.com

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