The Honourable Company of Armigers Inc.

No. A0031278V......./.......ARB 069640679

A Society of Armigers in Australia, bearing Arms granted by the Kings of Arms of England or The Lord Lyon King of Arms of Scotland


Patron: Sir Malcolm Innes of Edingight KCVO
Lord Lyon King of Arms


a) Loyalty to the Crown
b) To promote and encourage the study and knowledge of, and to foster and extend interest in heraldry, armory, ceremonial, family history and all kindred subjects among armigers and to advise and assist in connection therewith
c) To establish and maintain a register of Australians who bear Arms granted by the Kings of Arms of England or the Lord Lyon of Scotland
d) To invest and deal with any monies of the Society in such a manner and in the interests of the society as may be determined by the Council [Executive Council]
e) To safeguard the rights of armigerous persons in Australia
f) To do all things conducive to the Objects of the Honourable Company of Armigers Inc.


The Chancellor
PO Box 11
Armadale, Vic
Australia 3143

Registered Office: 9 Great Western Drive,
Vermont South, Vic
Australia 3133


The Annual General Meeting will be held at
Legion House, 166 Albert Road
South Melbourne, Vic
at 2pm on Saturday 7th August 1999

The Agenda has been circulated by post to all members / Companions


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