he Aziizi Foundation, Inc.

"Humanity for Horses"

Aziizi Foundation, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization for the Rescue & Preservation of Abused, Neglected and Slaughter bound Horses.

Our purpose is to rescue & care for equines in need & to provide a permanent home for horses who are determined unadoptable. We also have future plans to provide therapeutic horse riding sessions for disabled & underprivileged children.

Aziizi Foundation, Inc is strictly a volunteer organization. Our only funding is through the generous support of our friends, members, corporate sponsors and contributions from those who care enough about God's Gentle Giants. Any donations you wish to contribute are tax-deductible.

A whispered voice echoes, "Help Me". That's what I hear when looking teary eye to eye with a beautiful creature who's been let down by so many. Please do not close your eyes to what's happening on the dark side of the fence.

With over 500,000 horses a year in the U.S, going to slaughter, help us to be a voice for these forgotten beauties.


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A.F.I Newsletter - First Edition

A.F.I. Newsletter - Second Edition

A.F.I. Newsletter - Third Edition - Christmas 1999


Inside each tear that on a cheek does glisten,
Lies a message for those who will listen.


One of our volunteers has created a web page to help spread the word about our horses. Holly is an angel sent from heaven. Every Saturday and Sunday she is at the barn to help scrub buckets and muck out stalls in the hot Florida sun without a single complaint. She gives up her weekends with her friends to help care for our horses. How many teenagers do you know that would do that? She is an honor student and hopes one day to become a Vet. I work very closely with Holly on Saturdays and I couldn't do it without her. We are lucky to have her. Check out Holly's Page:
* http://www.expage.com/page/hollyaziizi


* The final hours...


* Read the poem written for Max


"Whenever a rainbow appears in the clouds I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and All Living Creatures of Every Kind on Earth" - Genesis 9:16


* Our Horse Care Bulletin Board


Other Horse Rescue Sites:
* Carpe Diem Equine Rescue

* Georgia Equine Rescue League

* Kentuckiana Arabian Rescue

* Rainbow Acres Home Horse Rescue (PA)

* Horse Welfare Organizations

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Please e-mail any comments or questions you might have about our organization to Sass4851@aol.com *

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