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9/29/99 - 2 successes from Michael Tucker and Jim Davis

9/10/99 - 1 success from Royce Clayton

8/28/99 - 1 success from Gabe Kapler

8/27/99 - 2 success from Todd Walker and Buckshot Jones

8/21/99 - 1 success from Sean Casey

8/19/99 - 1 success from Florida Seminoles head coach Bobby Bowden via e-mail address

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I have recently picked up the hobby of sending autograph requests through the mail. I hope my website helps you. I usaully send out 2-3 requests a week. Here's some advice, I have a Minor League address archive to my website, if you have any minor league cards you should send some to the team staduim once the season starts. Because they don't get much mail, the longest wait should only be a month. All the current stars were minor leagers back before they made it to the big show. Please sign my guestbook and e-mail me at ShagnWagon@bigfoot.com if you need an address or have any qusetions. Thanks and good luck!

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tell me what you think about my site or if you have any questions E-Mail me at ShagnWagon@bigfoot.com or I.M. at LUCKYDOGMIKE

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