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Welcome to my homepage! As you can see, it is dedicated to my biggest obsession, rollercoasters! All though I'm only 12 and have been riding coasters for 2 years, I have been to 11 parks and have ridden over 25 coasters.
This page won't be fully operational for a while, so in the meantime, enjoy!


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*Ultimate Guide to Theme Parks


10)Drachen Fire(Busch Gardens)ties Jackrabbit(Kennywood)
9)Predator (Darien Lake)
8)Giant Dipper (Belmont Park)
7)Big Bad Wolf (Busch Gardens)
6)Gemini (Cedar Point)
5)Thunderbolt (Kennywood)
4)Mantis (Cedar Point)
3)Loch Ness Monster (Busch Gardens)
2)Alpengeist (Busch Gardens)
1)Raptor (Cedar Point)
My Busch Gardens Williamsburg Trip Report


This summer I will be making my first trips to Holiday World, Six Flags Great America, Paramount's King's Island, Paramount's Canada's Wonderland, Seabreeze, and I will return to Darien Lake and Cedar Point. Starting in late June, I will be updating my top 10 frequently. Check back often!

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