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The Coastal Band represents Chumash Indians living in a wide area of the California coast north of Los Angeles. Many of its members come from Santa Barbara County, but other live in Ventura, San Luis Obispo, Kern, and Los Angeles counties.

* The Coastal Band is going through a number of changes at this time. A newly selected group of officers has been elected, and a restructuring program is in progress. Slo'w Gutierrez is the new tribal Chairman, Shirley Hershey is the Treasurer, Darlene Hall is Legal Liaison, and Brenda Preston is the Secretary [J. Anderson, July 27, 2000].

For any questions regarding the Coastal Band, you can contact Slo'w at: slowguitierrez@yahoo.com

* Old Coastal Band Web Site: This informative site is no longer functional. It is my understanding that the Coastal Band may develop a new web site. I will list the URL when it becomes available [J. Anderson, July 28 2000].

* For information about the many associations which have represented the contemporary Chumash living in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties [including Quabajai, Sacred Arrow, Brotherhood of the Tomol and other groups associated with the Coastal Band at various times in the past] see Associations

* For information on other Chumash bands see: Chumash

What Role for the Coastal Band in the Gaviota Coast Study?

The federal government is conducting a study of the Gaviota Coast, that includes a possible national seashore designation for 76 miles of coastline. Initially, the Santa Barbara Chumash were excluded from these hearings, but they are now entering the dialogue. See Reservation? for more info.

Coastal Band's Landbase Is At 100 Acres .

The Coastal Band has gained title to one hundred acres, independent of federal financing. This land is being used for tribal gatherings, etc. [Email: Shirley Hershey, Coastal Band Treasurer, Oct 4, '2000] [Note: this land is without federal protection and is subject to taxation and American legal controls. Acquisition of this land is an important achievement of the Coastal Band, but a much larger land base is needed which is protected by federal recognition and legal

Coastal Band Dialogue With the Santa Barbara Mission

Discussions are taking place between Santa Barbara Mission officials and the Coastal Band, through a grant from the Fund For Santa Barbara. See Grant and Apology for related information.

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