The Enchanted Place

..and the days go by like a strand in the wind in the Web that is my own....

* Hey people, sorry I have not edited this page in like, a million years! LOL, Im glad that people still stop by once in a while! Well, I hope you enjoy this all though its not the best! Thanks!
To all the WONDERFUL fans,


* Stephanie Lynn Nicks is her name. Born May 26 1948 to Jess and Barbara, in Pheonix Arizona. As a child she moved alot living in Mexico, Utah and Texas as Stevie's Dad climbed the Corporate Ladder. Aaron Jess Nicks taught Li'l Stevie to sing, he was an unsuccesfull Country Singer. Stevie says she often remembered dancing on the Tables of a Bar her parents owned. Stevie's last tour was "Enchanted" She is coming out with a CD in late October. Send fan mail to ,
Fan Mail answered by Ginny Kamano. *
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"Dont Blame it on me, Blame it on my Wild *"-S. Nicks

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