Homeschool Information

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* Curricula & Resource Reviews
Web-based Curricula, Software, Books

* Introduction to Classical Education, by Marie Audino

* Guide To Beginning Homeschooling In Prince William Co., VA

* Virginia's Homeschooling Laws

* Other States' Homeschooling Laws

* Virginia Standards Of Learning (SOL)

* VA Approved Correspondence Courses

* Used Curricula

* Virginia Homeschooling Intent Form NOTE: Although the form includes a request for the parent's SS#, this information is not required.

* Options for Testing & Assessments

* Sample Homeschooling Proposal for
Option 4

*Homeschool SupportGroups

* I'm Taking My Kids Out of School ...Now What?

* Can Homeschooled Kids Go To College?

* Colleges That Admit Homeschoolers

* "On Jumping Through Hoops," Article


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