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* How can a simple food-borne mold be linked to human liver cancer?

* If the U.S food supply is the safest on the planet,
why do so many thousands of Americans DIE each year
from food-related causes? Why do tens-of-MILLIONS
of us suffer non-fatal cases each year?

* Bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemical hazards and physical hazards...how do they get into food, how do they make us ill, and how can we prevent illness or death from foods?

Isn't it time to find out? "Thought for Food" Safety Newsletter is a terrific educational TOOL...a monthly publication DEDICATED to bringing news on Food Safety to EVERYONE...and to helping to save LIVES. Additionally, even though the content addresses many scientific issues, "Thought for Food" Safety Newsletter is written in everyday, easy to understand language...a great resource for EVERYONE with an interest in Food Safety issues... Foodservice chefs, managers and other professionals in commercial AND institutional settings...healthcare professionals...students...food scientists...Dieticians...
Health Department Officials...manufacturers and processors...food and nutrition educators...wellness educators...school lunch programs...AND concerned individuals from ALL walks of life...

There's even FUN stuff, too...like monthly food safety related puzzles!

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* May, 1999

* What are those TV chef's THINKING? Un-safe practices illustrated on TV cooking shows...
* Aflatoxin...produced by mold, there is evidence that it is linked to some cases of human liver cancer...
* Heimlich maneuver...why we should ALL know the different methods for applying it...

* June, 1999

* Temporary Food Establishments...fairs, carnivals and other temporary food vendors...who's keeping their eye on the safety measures used by THESE food providers?
* Recycling food in commercial food service operations...does it just SOUND disgusting or are there serious health issues accompanying this all-too-frequent practice?
* Yersiniosis...this illness has actually been mis-diagnosed and individuals have had to undergo an appendectomy due to the diagnostic ERROR!

* July, 1999

* Diphyllobothrium latum...a parasite found in fish, that can cause illness that may not show itself for three to six weeks...what is, how to prevent illness from it
* Food dehydration...drying, smoking, sun drying...what are the safety issues with these popular dried foods?
* Rodent infestations...they're more than just undesirable for appearance sake...rats and mice can carry harmful pathogens that can get into human food

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