urtubise Family History

"Struck By a Cold North Wind"

Welcome to the Hurtubise Family History homepage. This page traces the history of the Hurtubise family in North America. We made this site because unlike most families, there is very little information available about the Hurtubise on the World Wide Web.

Included in this site is a "family tree," an explanation of the origin of the Hurtubise name and the family crest, and material discussing everything from La Maison
Hurtubise to racing legend Jim "Herk" Hurtubise. Enjoy!

* Origin of Hurtubise Name
* Marin Heurtebise and Moving From Old France to New France
* Surname Index
* The Family Tree (Part I)
* The Family Tree (Part II)
* The Family Tree (Part III)
* Related Line: Leduc
* Related Lines: Beauvais and Turpin
* Related Lines: Gateau and Coppequesne
* La Maison Hurtubise
* Links, Interesting Information, Tidbits and Miscellaneous
* Herk: Tribute to a Racing Legend
* Family Webrings

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