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As we all know, the Governments Of The World have been hiding the truth about UFO'S and alien contact's!

A) At the start of the 1950's, Washington DC was blitzed by hundreds of UFO'S. Shortly after the Roswell crash of an alien aircraft and the finding of three dead aliens, the governement moved in and gathered up all the pieces of the strange alien craft.

B) Then they removed the alien bodies and took them to Nellis airforce base! Anyone that witnessed the craft, or the alien bodies was threatened with death if they talked !

C) Then came the Air Force with their Project Grudge, Project Sign, Project Bluebook, and the Condon Reports.

D) Dr. J. Allan Hyneck was hired to disprove all the sigtings of Ufo's and alien contact. But he could not, there was truth to some of it.

E) President Eisenhower examined the Majestic 12 Documents, evidence of UFO's, labeled TOP SECRET, and signed them.

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