Does Anyone Know?

Please read this, its very important to me.

A few of you who are reading this probably already know me. For those of you who don't, I'm Holly, a 36 year old Canadian lady and mom to 2 super fantastic little boys, Tyler age 9 and Ryan age 7.We live in Garson, Ontario and I'm user of a few chat programs such as ICQ, Pow wow, LOL Chat and will try just about any new chat program that comes along..*S* In using these programs I've had the pleasure of meeting some super nice people,and altho I most likely will never get the opportunity to meet these people, they occupy a special place inside me, and will always hold them near. To me, thats what friends do, thats what friendship is all about. Its about being there in the good times, and also the bad. Friends help friends.

I had originally made a tiny page here online to try and find out some information regarding an eye disorder that my youngest son has and to say that it was an experience is probably the biggest understatement of the century. I have had the opportunity to meet some great people, hear some wonderfully encouraging stories, and have had some very interesting emails from people referring me to some super doctors...and out of almost 250 thousand visitors to my site, I did manage to find a lady who has the same disorder. My plan was to let this page hit the one million visitor mark, but with the endless emails, its become impossible for me to continue. The email box has been full for the last 2 weeks, I can't empty it at all...*S* and my counter broke. I received an email from the webmaster here at express page and he told me that I was getting a hit per THATs incredible....So, in closing, I on behalf of my son Ryan would like to thank everyone who visited....and who sent emails....those of you who send information, or only kind words....all were greatly appreciated....Thanks again.......Holly and Ryan

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Thanks for your time........please forward this to others........*smile*

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