Out of the dark reaches of space travels a ship of unknown origin. On board is the evil alien, Emperor Guillotine. His goal -- the complete conquest of Earth! He manages to elude the air force, and splash-lands into the ocean where he remains silent for some time.
One quiet evening several months later, an ocean liner sails the waters near where the space ship had crashed. On board are Johnny Sokko and a stranger, Jerry Mano. They meet, with Mano letting it slip that he is in fact U-3, a member of the Unicorn (an agency that fights evil).

Moments later, the entire ocean liner is destroyed when a gigantic beast rises from the depths. It is Dracolon, the great sea monster, brought to life by the evil Guillotine. Later, Johnny and Jerry wash up on the shore of a nearby Island.

Captured by the Gargoyle Gang (Guillotine's army), our heroes are brought as prisoners into the huge laboratory on the Island by Spider, head of the Gargoyle Gang. Inside they escape their captors, and discover a giant robot. It is the invention of a scientist who has been enslaved by the Gargoyle Gang.

The scientist informs the pair that only an atomic blast can bring the robot to life. Also, the robot will ONLY respond to the commands of the first person to speak into the remote control watch. AND, he has set an atomic bomb to explode to destroy the Gargoyle and the robot before it can be used for evil purposes.

Before the blast, the Gargoyle Gang find Johnny and Jerry. The scientist holds off the Gang long enough for our heroes to escape. Once outside the laboratory, the bomb explodes, and the lab is reduced to rubble. However, out of the ashes comes the Giant Robot. The atomic blast has brought him to life!

Speaking into the watch for the first time, Johnny controls the robot and instructs it to take them to Tokyo, where the Dracolon is attacking. After arriving just in time, Giant Robot destroys Dracolon, and the plans of Emperor Guillotine and the Gargoyle Gang are foiled........or are they????
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