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* In memory of Kada (mame-chi) - my first tam! *

Welcome to Kada's Tam Land! Kada (the inspiration for Tam Land) was my first tamagotchi character named in honor of my niece Katie & nephew Dan who were visiting me during the summer. They brought their tams to visit & I managed to find a tamagotchi to join theirs. (A aqua, purple border with pink buttons - my husband said I was dancing the aisles of Target with it I was so happy - tams were still hard to get here in Aug.). We hatched Kada on Aug. 24 & I was delighted when he turned into the mame-chi character. Kada lived here 21 years flying away on Sept. 13.


Kada - all of us here in Tam Land will never forget you!! Thanks for sharing some time with us! *




The kids went home before Labor Day but I was now hooked on tamagotchi! I have enjoyed many Gen. 1 and 2 characters in my various tamcases since! Visit the current tam page for my current tam info. Visit my tamcase logs to see character history. Visit Kada's News Page for latest tam happenings & what's new in Tam Land.


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I really enjoy tamagotchi and would like to hear from other tam lovers. My e-mail address is ja1021@juno.com Please sign my guestbook. Thanks for visiting Kada's Tam Land! *

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My tams send their cheer and good wishes to all of you and your tams!

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