ohn Turk's Tribute to Knute Rockne

Biography Report base on the book:
Rockne of Notre Dame, The Making of a Football Legend By Ray Robinson


NAME: Knute Rockne
BORN: March 4,1888 in Voss, Norway
DIED: March 31,1931 in an airplane crash
POSITION: Head Coach on Notre Dame Football
AWARDS/HONORS: National Football Foundation Hall of Fame inductee
RECORD: 105-12-5


As a young Norwegian immigrant, Rockne loved football and played in the streets of Chicago as a boy. He went on to play for Notre Dame from 1911-1913 and became coach in 1917. Knute Rockne opened up Notre Dames football schedule to include the toughest competition. He led the Irish to 5 National Championships in 6 seasons without a loss. He has the highest football winning percentage in all of football ever with a .879!!!!!!! He was also responsible for the coaching careers of many successful football coaches.






Knute was famous for his speeches but his most famous was "win one for the gipper."


I would like to say hi to all 6th graders at KMS who will be seeing this on my report.

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