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* Welcome to the Lagoon! This page is dedicated to SeaWees, adorable little mermaid dolls made by Kenner from 1979~1984.
The Lagoon is an informal club for collectors. I would be glad to help you get started on your collection, or answer any questions you may have. Please contact me if you have extra SeaWees to sell or trade, or if you are looking for SeaWees to buy.
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The Lagoon is your source for SeaWee information. Below is an overview of the history of SeaWees.I update as new information becomes available, and I am always working to find out more.If you have any information to add, please write.
SeaWees were designed to be tub toys. The dolls are made of plastic with soft rooted hair. Each doll comes with a sponge. The sponges have holes, so the dolls can sit in them and float in the water.


* 1979-Original SeaWees- The first collection of SeaWees! Each set includes a doll, a green lilypad sponge, and a comb.
* Sandy- long blonde hair, pink tail
*Shelly- wavy brown hair, green tail
*Coral- wavy red hair, light turquoise tail
* 1980- Classic SeaWees and Babies- SeaWees are a success and return for a second year! They still come with combs and green lilypad sponges, but now they are mothers. Each doll comes with a matching all-plastic baby, and the sponge has small hole so baby can float too.
*Sandy and Baby Star-same as original, blue fish comb
*Shelly and Baby Sprite- same as original, yellow shell comb
*Coral and Baby Corkie-same as original, lavender shell comb
*Stormy and Baby Bubbles- black with long straight black hair, sunny yellow tail,yellow fish comb
* 1981- Fancy SeaWees and Babies! Some new friends arrive on the scene to join the original dolls. Each comes with a baby, a colored lilypad sponge, and comb.
*Merry and Baby Marina- long auburn hair in ponytails, yellow bows, freckles, dark turquoise tail, yellow sponge, blue octopus comb
*Sunny and Baby Sail- long blonde hair with sunstreaks, metallic gold tail, orange sponge, orange starfish comb
NOTE: Sunny's metallic gold paint degrades with time. If you find her now, she will have a dark green tail with paint rubs. The paint may also leach into her skin. This has been observed even in MOC dolls, so it is seemingly unavoidable.
*Breezy and Baby Blew- medium-length, curly pink hair, with an orchid-pink tail, blue sponge,pink bubbles comb
*SeaWees'n'Babies Playset- year?-
This adorable gift set came with a large star-shaped sponge, a robe, and a shell-shaped hat. It also came with two sets of mamas and babies:
*Briny and Baby Beach- just like Merry and Marina, they had auburn hair and freckles, with Briny having two long ponytails- but this set has red tails
*Shiny and Surf- just like Sunny and Sail, they had streaky blonde hair- but this set has bright leafy green tails
* 1982-Tropi-Gals- This year we meet the tropical cousins! The dolls have tan skin and open smiles. Each mama wears a grass hula skirt made of teal thread. They come with babies AND pets. Each set includes a comb and a dark pink flower sponge.
*Flora, Baby Finella, and Dubloon the dog- white hair, orange tail, pet mer-dog in shades of orange, orange bubble comb
* Oceanna, Baby Seabrina, and Seaser the cat- wavy green hair in 2 ponytails with orange bows,yellow tail, mer-cat in orange and yellow, yellow seahorse comb
*Camille , Baby Cascade, and Pelly Pelican- blue hair with bangs, white tail, blue pet pelican, green fish comb
*Pearl, Baby Scale, and Gully Seagull- black with curly black hair, lavender tail, white pet seagull,pink shell comb
*TropiGals Variations-These dolls were also made with alternate tail colors. So far, I have not been able to discover if this affected their pets, names, or packaging. Please write if you have any information for me on these!
--Flora- version with purple tail
--Camille- version with powder blue tail
--Oceanna- version with chartreuse tail
--Pearl- unknown? perhaps no variation for her
*NOTE: They also made a special TropiGals gift set, which was only offered in a holiday catalog. It featured two sets of dolls and a large star sponge. More details coming...
* MORE! There are too many SeaWees to fit on this page! Please follow this link to continue reading about SeaWees. Hop to the Lilypad!

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