Come Into the Garden and let's see just What is going on in There? *

Water Gardening isn't just for fun! It's for the Birds & Fish too!!

Relax awhile and take in all that a water pond has to offer. It's obvious that there are many plants & fish.
But....go ahead..look beyond those things & search for the......almost hidden joys out there.
* Listen................... Spashhh,* there went a frog jumping into the water. There he is, do you see him watching you from his lilly pad?

* LOOK! What Beautiful Butterflies! Such grace, and to think those used to be fuzzy - wuzzy's. Do you see the beautiful blue & orange things flying through the air? Dragonflies. Then there are the Hummingbirds & the Yellow-headed Blackbirds. So many other birds of all shapes & sizes. They do love to come to the water to take a drink & to bathe or just to come and visit with their old friends in a safe place. I'll bet they must have some great stories to tell. {I really wish I could understand them, don't you?}
* Just close your eyes and take it all in. Wonderful! Everyone can have a Water Garden. From a Plastic Tub with a couple of plants & few fish, to any size you have room for. They are easy to maintain and give you so much in return. Try one and you'll never regret it, bring a small part of nature right into your yard or patio. ENJOY!

* Spring Has Sprung! The birds are singing, and the Lillies have begun to bloom. The Goldfish {that survived the Heron, Kingfisher,& Grackles} are spawning. So, soon baby fish will be swimming all around. Now it's time to get busy splitting the lillies and there are many to split. Guess What? I heard my first frog yesterday evening, it's been a long time....Welcome Back!

Yes, it all will begin again. Don't miss the everchanging action, there's always something exciting down by the Lillypads! * Every once in a while a Kingfisher visits. Have you ever seen one? The feathers on it's head looks like my hair most of the time, talk about A Bad Hair day such a Pretty bird though.The Pond and life around it is sometimes ** almost **************unbelieveable!
* Summer is here, Oooh so hot! But the lillies are blooming and all the plants are lookin' good. I've already seen three different ages of baby fish. I rescued some frog eggs & placed them in my Frog Bog and now it's thriving with LOTS of tadpoles.

It's early evening, Shhhh, let's sit very still and watch: the Cotton-tail Rabbits are coming out of hiding for a drink and to nibble on the grass. Did you see them? There's a new one today, it's just a baby. How cute it is. There comes a pair of quail who want to come close. Poor little birds don't be afraid, if only I could tell them they are safe here. But look did you see them after we left? They are coming in to get a drink and to eat the food we have left out for them. Last night I was so happy to see Three Very Large Frogs out in front of my house. My Guard Frogs Maybe?

Did you see our newest bird? A baby Great Blue Heron. Isn't it fun to watch him try to catch his supper? We won't bother him, I'll bet Mr. Flyaway sent him to us. So Thankful for all the gifts that God provides, just waiting to be enjoyed. Wonder what's Next??? I'll keep you posted, please won't you come back again sometime and see what's new out by the Pond? "Goodbye for now & God Bless You"
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* Have A Great Day! Come Again, You won't want to miss all of the excitement.

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