1. Regarding how you view the nature of the world and reality, your ethics, and any spiritual practices you have found important--have there been any men that have been particularly influential?

2. Regarding your positive experiences with your religous upbringing, who has been important? What man or men?

3. During your adolescence were there caring men who

* Gave you attention
* Respected your views of the world
* Listened well
* Believed that you had all the potential necessary to succeed
* Provided leadership
* Saw the best you, empathized with and offered encouragement, an advocate
* Allowed you to take responsibility for your decisions.

Thinking about any of the men who may have been there for you growing up,

What attributes did you admire in them?

How did they manifest these attributes?

Specifically, how do you incorporate these attributes in your own life today?


Roles of the Mentor

*Teacher - Demonstrates or explains techniques, methods, or practices
*Guide - Shows the way
*Counselor - Mirror for associate; constructively criticizes
*Motivator - Gives a "push" or inspires
* Coach - Encourages and reinforces skills
* Advisor - Provides benefit of experience; suggests alternatives
*Sponsor - Introduces the associate; serves as a link to new experiences
* Role Model - Demonstrates appropriate behavior


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