he Coming Messiah Mystery :
Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up

Who living today closely resembles the real Yeshvoa (Jesus)?

Who living today resembles perceptions of Yeshvoa & not the Roman myth(Jesus)? Who can be the Coming Messiah for all people?
One person who's name 'HaShev' means return, happens to be a recognized & a successful prophet, claims to be the anointed "Son of Man" & has revealed the Mysterys that no-one has ever been able to understand.

Q: So does he fit the Prophecy of the Coming Messiah?
A: Yes, he fits scripture prophecy, more verses than they falaciously placed Jesus in, while satisfying all cultures expectations.
Q: So what is the problem recognizing him?

A: The problem is we are looking at the process left to right, like how we read, but Jews always read right to left, so consider this deeper. This is where the Messiah starts his life & becomes the designer, guide & judge of things, designing the perfected Heaven now. So because time, is boundless in the near future, he will place his insight or persona or implanted spirit and reflection into the past. So now is the start of it all & the former self is just placed there from the present. Not the other way thought, that he is created in 6BC and then latter shows up now. How is he to know that was him formerly, since everyone distorted the true life of Yeshvoa (Jesus)by compiling many martyrs into his story.
Proof of this is in the NAME he told Moses "EHEYE"/"I am, I will be"

Consider verses which back this view:
THOMAS VS18 Jesus said, "Have you already discovered the beginning, that"now you can seek after the end? For where the beginning is, the end will be. Blessed is one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the end, & will not taste death."

Testimony of Truth Gospel (Rev)
"and they do not understand that the Son of Man is coming from him."
(explains why they didn't recognize his reappearance)

explains why he comes as(REV 3:12)"my own new name" (Michael).

The Gospel of Truth
"He receives a certain name." ("NIGHT")

"a new name written which no one knows except the one receiving it".(2:17)

The Jewish prayer book has for the Lord God
"YHWH elohim" as the eternal one & YHWH "the one who causes to be" & if you seen his final secret revealed, you'd understand what this means. He's the lesser yhwh designing the kingdom reflecting the will of G-d.
His last revelation shocked us who missed these clues:
Revelation 3:14, Genesis 24:2, Community rule VIII &
4Q255 III backing that he creates the legion of angels. He's the only one ever to answer this with how & why.

Problems; False Faith in the possibility.
He teaches what they need to hear and not what they want to hear.
They were taught so many opposite twists, they could never see his truth over the lies they were fed.
People have learned the Old testament through Roman Pagan views and influence, and not the Judaic accounts and interps. However, Hebrew Scripture can't be understood without learning their Jewish context. So if you want to know where Yeshvoa got his morals, ethics, standards and persona, you must study Judaism as a Jew. It is not Xtians, who should convert Jews to Paganism, it is Christian Pagans who need to see they aren't Romans & should come to the real teachings of Judaism, that brought such amazing prophecy and vision. For Gods Children to come back home, they must come back to the law & teachings that raised Yeshvoa.

Links to revelations through this Great Prophet w/proof to where he fits scripture & cultures. If you dont see his light, then I pray for you, that you can overcome the veil placed upon your eyes.

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