Nikola Tesla: A Forgoten Man

By: Ben Storch

Ask yourself this question: Do you know who Nikola Tesla is? Some of you will answer that he was a electrical engineer who is responsible for a lot of things today that are taken for granted and not even credited towards him. But most of you will answer: "I don't know?" and either really want to know or not care at all.

To all the people out there who wouldn't care, you need to open up your mind. So to help you do that I will ask you a few questions. Have you ever used a fluorescent or neon light? Have you ever watched T.V. or listened to the radio? Have you ever visited the power plants at Niagara Falls? If you answered yes to any one of those questions you have either used an invention of Tesla's, used an invention pioneered by Tesla, or marveled at Tesla's work. Yes, Tesla invented the neon and fluorescent lights. Yes, Tesla pioneered world brodcasting, even though so many people credit Macroni. And yes, Tesla helped harness the power capabilities of Niagara Falls.

Are you surprised? You probably are. If you wish to learn more about Tesla please read on.

Tesla: A Biography

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