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The Recreation Professionals in Health,is an Association that was formed on September 30, 1994. More than fifty(50) Recreation Professionals from all regions of Nova Scotia participated in the formation of this organization. N.S.R.P.H. allows for Recreation Professionals from around the province to communicate, network, share concerns and ideas, as well as advocate for the necessity and benefits of recreation in the health care system.

Board members consist of one representative from each of the six Nova Scotia regions. N.S.R.P.H. works closely with the Department of Health, Nova Scotia of Health Organizations and Associated Homes For Special Care.


* To facilitate professional development in the field of Recreation in Health.

* To be actively involved in the development of service standards for Recreation Professionals in Health.

* To design, advocate and administer a Provincial Registration Process for Recreation Professionals in Health.

* To work and cooperate with other disciplines, regulatory bodies and agencies to improve the leisure lifestyle of individuals in Community Continuing Care Centres.

* To create awareness of the importance and need for recreation services in health.

* To provide a system for exchanging information, resources, ideas and relevant issues through meetings, workshops, correspondence and newsletters.

* To work with post secondary institutions to develop pre-employment education programs with the emphasis on the delivery of recreation services to people with a special need in the province of Nova Scotia.

* To evaluate the mandate of the Nova Scotia Recreation Professionals in Health annually at a conference.


There is an annual fee of $20.00 to join this Association. There is also a newsletter that is published every three months to its members.

A three day conference is hosted annually in October by a different region each year. This is a perfect time to meet other Recreation Professionals, network, to learn new skills at the education sessions and to participate in the General Meeting.

The 5th Annual General Meeting and Conference will be held October 14-16, 1999 at the Wandlyn Inn Amherst Nova Scotia.

On February 1, 1999 Premier Russell MacLellan made a proclamation that this day be celebrated as Nova Scotia Recreation Professionals in Health Day. We took this day to educate persons in our Homes on what our jobs entailed and to inform them about our Association . Many Recreation Staff were made to feel very special by their management team for their contribution to enriching the lives of their residents.
This page is just a beginning :) If you would like more information about this Association, on how to register, or to contribute items or ideas for our newsletter, you can contact me at the below e-mail address.

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