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On June 9, 1997, while working in Union City, California, Kendell Carter caused a 4'x8'x4" wall panel to fall on me, causing trauma to my neck and back. Because of this, I've had to do lots of research trying to get some relief and justice, the fact that I live in Georgia makes things particularly difficult. Some of the sites I found interesting are linked below.
This is what happened:
6/9/97 -Union City, CA- While working, at [Winward Silks International] I was kneeling and bent low, a standing wooden wall
panel (4'x8'x3 1/2", 25# /-) was caused to fall, (Kendell Carter) striking, with its edge, my right rear neck, I tried to stand then fell to the floor; the panel struck me fully across the back. (Witness account: Krispin Harker)
I may have been momentarily unconscious; definitely had every bit of air knocked out of me. I
remember being unable to move or speak.(I don't know how long.) Heartbeat rapid and breathing difficult. Trauma caused great pain in neck, throughout torso and upper arms, as well as minor contusion at point of initial contact (, at right rear neck). In shock, perhaps.
-EMS arrived and a neck brace and oxygen were applied. IV applied in ambulance. Taken to Eden Trauma Center for X rays and CT scan. Cervical spine X ray took three tries; for the second attempt Dr. Chang removed the neck brace and instructed me to keep my head and neck still. In my condition, this was quite stressful and required all of my available strength. I
maintained this position for the duration of the second and third film attempts and readings, (even though I pleaded for some type of support for my neck, explaining that the pain was increasing). Finally, after the third unsuccessful film reading, a pillow was provided and I was taken to CT. (Negative test results.) No manual exam was made of trapezius or latissimus, although I indicated these areas as major complaints. After brief rest and release, I was advised tylenol extra strength,
ice for contusion, and rest for one week. (I think the strain of holding my neck up aggravated the initial complaint and accounts for some of the problems I'm having now.) < Kendell Carter is the idiot that stood a panel between him and myself, and get this, bent over for something and hit the panel with his ass! I'd told him to always lean panels on something, anything!...and specifically, NOT to stand them up. I stand by everything that is presented here. Any comments may be posted to

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