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MASSAPEQUA LAX 1999 (14-6)as July 3,1999
Ranked 4th in the state rankings
Home of the County Champs

Capitains: Don Femminella, Eddie Deegan, Mike Rapacki, and Sean Donnellan.

Wins: Oceanside,McArthur,Lindenhurst,Sachem,Mepham,Hicksville,Baldwin,Freeport,East Meadow,Herricks,Lawrence,Long Beach,Port Washington,Farmingdale,

CSH,Smithtown,Farmingdale,Port Washington,Long Beach,Ward Melville

1.Don Femminella 45 points
2.Sean Donnellan 39 points
3.Kevin Geragnty 39 points
4.Greg Economou 34 points
5.Matt Zash 22 points

1.Don Femminella 36 goals
2.Sean Donnellan 29 goals
3.Greg Economou 24 goals
4.Kevin Geragnty 17 goals

1.Kevin Geragnty 22 ast
2.Matt Zash 11 ast
3.Sean Donnellan 10 ast
4.Greg Economou 10 ast

Ground balls:
1.Pete Alosi 106 ground balls
2.Eddie Deegan 80 ground balls
3.Mike Rapacki 68 ground balls
4.Don Femminella 67 ground balls

The Chiefs beat Long Beach 4-2,Don Femminella had 3 goals and 1 ast and Sean Donnellan had one goal.
The Chiefs faced Port Washington and beat them 7-4,Greg Economou had 3 goals,and Kevin Geragnty had 2.
The Chiefs beat the Dalers 12-11,Don Femminella had 2 goals and 2 assist, Greg Economou had 3 goals and Sean Donnellan and Kevin Geragnty each had two goals for the Chiefs, Goalie Mike Draper had a great game with 17 saves.
The chiefs lost to Ward Melville 11-4, it was a hard fought game.Don Femminella,Greg Economou,Sean Donnellan and Kyle Henderson each had one goal a piece for the chiefs.Overall it was a great season for Massapequa, last time they won the County, was 25 years ago.

Exceptional Senior games:
Sean Donellan, Nick Auletta,Greg Economou and Mike Draper will be playing in the first Exceptional Senior game on June 19,the team will be coached by coach Mollot. Don Femminella, Eddie Deegan and Mike Rapacki will be playing in the 2nd Exceptional game on June 20th

All-County: Colleges:
Don Femminella MID Manhattan
Eddie Deegan DEF Villanova
Mike Rapacki DEF Loyola

All-County HM:
Pete Alosi MID
Sean Donnellan ATT Albany

Mike Draper G Cortland
Greg Economou MID Nassau
Nick Auletta DEF Army

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