Low cost two-channel Holter monitor PICard

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PICard is high - quality, portable, two-channel cardiomonitor. PICard continuously records ECG into digital memory. The device store ECG strip into flash memory in following cases:
1. Patient pushes store strip button.
2. Doctor specified time mark matches current date and time. Doctor can program up to 88 time marks.
3. Tachy/Brady cardia episode detected.
4. Continuously (Holter mode).

*While in store strip mode, device store 2.5 minutes ECG data before store button was pressed and 1.5 minutes ECG after. PICard capable to store up to 272 ECG strips in main mode, or up to 30 hours ECG in continuos (Holter) mode. Battery supply assures system availability for seven days on end. Small weight and overall dimensions makes PICard comfortable for both doctor and patient.

*While storing data device sounds short beeps every 2 seconds. Patient recommended to be steady and patient while ECG strip recorded. Don't be afraid if PICard begins to record ECG fragment automatically. Remember that doctor may program device in such way, that it will store ECG strip every half-hour, for example.

*Software module allows the PICard recoder to interface with a standard IBM computer.

*Here You can find technical specifications

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