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ower Of Three

This show is all about 3 sisters; Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell. Prue is the oldest, Piper the middle, and Phoebe the youngest. It all started when Phoebe is looking around the old attic in the house when she finds the book of shadows. Phoebe reads a spell in it, causing the 3 sisters to have powers that they were destined to have. Prue and Piper get skittish when the find this out, but Phoebe is fascinated by it. But, they all learn to like it, and to keep it to themselves.

They aren't all that safe. Warlocks and other monsters are out to kill them and get their powers. They never do succeed, the sisters are just too powerful for them. Also, dealing with normal life is hard too. Prue is going out with police agent Andy Trudeau. Sometimes Prue has to leave him to go fight with her sisters, not childish fight, but life fight. Because, if their powers get in the wrong hands, who knows what could happen to the 'charmed ones'.

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