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PLEASE VISIT THE FOLLOWING SITE, XTW . It's my little brother's site. He wants hits a lot of hits, just like my site. Please, visit it. You don't have to stay on it if you don't want to, but just try it out. Once again, it's XTW-Xtreme_Trampoline_Wrestling Thanks!

* May 26, 2000 *

Hey everyone. I've gotten an innumerable amount of e-mails asking "When are you going to update your site," "Why did you stop your site," etc. Well, there are a lot of reasons why...

It's not that I purposely don't update this site, I just don't have the time. With new multimedia and information coming out every day about WWF Royal Rumble, WWF No Mercy, and ECW Anarchy Rulz, It's hard to keep up with my site. There has been no WCW 2000 news ever since it was announced in PSM Magazine.

Therefor, I AM going to close down my site. The website I have been visiting for wrestling game news since October 1999 has been WORLD_OF_WRESTLING.COM . This site is simply great. Unlike my site, it's updated every day with news on ALL wrestling games. I suggest you start going to WOW if you haven't already.

I thank everyone who has been to my site since the beginning, middle, and now, the end. It was a great run, and I'd never thought my site would get this popular. I remember in my first week of opening this site, I had over 700 hits. I knew from that point this would be big.

So, this will be the last time I update PSX Smackdown...well, maybe. You know me, I close, open again, close, and open again. If I can get site with a fully operational newsboard, I will definitely open this site again. It's way to hard to keep up a bad design with no newsboard. So, as of now, PSX Smackdown is closed. But don't forget to come by every now and again, and see if I decided to reopen. Thank you all for supporting me throughout the creation of this site.

Until next time,

Ed O'Brien (BigWiggle250)

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