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Okay were talking fanfics, pics, great links and some sounds. This may seem pathetic at first but i'm workin on it! This page, and i promise you this, will be updated every single day.

* *What's new: I put up my Mousse section. It has info and pics so far! JAN 2: I put up the Ryouga section! JAN 3: I put up the Ukyou section! Jan 4-5 I was on vacation! It doesn't count! jan 6 The Kuno section is up!


Shampoo and JUST shampoo!


*Some info on shampoohere

*Some great picshere

*This page has some great picstoo.


Ranma ONLY!

* Ranmasounds

*This page has some Ranma pics for you toenjoy!


Ranma and Akane!!

*Wanna see some pics, most are of

* A gallery of onlyAkane

* Some great info on the true fiancee forranma


For MOUSSE click on the stars

this page has some info about the guy who loves Shampoo

* This page has a lot of pics of Shampoo and others Mousse is in all of them



* Here's some Ryougapics

*Some info on the lostboy

* Some Ryougasounds



* Some Ukyoupics

* Some UkyouBio

* Ukyou's love interest and who she can really make friends with here



* Some soundshere

* Some pics


Akane's two lovely Sisters

*Some pics ofKasumi

*Pics ofNabiki Her page is in there, It's so great! I give credit for the gallery.


Things me and my fans contributed



LINKS (All the people who have helped)

*Nabiki's Castlehere

* A Kunopage

* A ranmapage

*All MOUSSE all thetime



*A special shrine to mycharacter

*A ring i'min

*SOme basic slapped togetherinfo

*Try my pollhere


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