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Whats up everyone? Your probably here cuz you either surfed here or wanted to check out some real rap and hip-hop. This site is didecated to all the tru rappers like them Notorious Thugs,No Limit Soldiers,Wu-Tang Clan,Too $hort, and to my thug, 2-Pac, rest in peace dogg.

If you havnt heard of No Limit Records, then you missin hella sh*t! They got Master P,Mystikal, Silkk Da Shocker (with his newest c.d. "Charge it 2 Da Game"), Mia-X,C-Murder, LiL' Gotti Gambino, Snoop Dogg, Tru, and a hella lot more. They even got a movie out called "I got the Hook Up." feauturing and producing Master P. Check out this movie, its hella phat! Same with the soundtrack!

Bone Thugs are truly one of my favorite rap groups. They got so much game.Their alot different from other rappers. Their rap is carribean quick-rap style.Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Wish Bone,and Bizzy Bone R.I.P. There newest c.d. is The Art Of War. This C.D is sick! They are also on Mariah Careys Butterflies c.d. But no doubt, their best c.d. has to be East 1999 Eternal.

Another tight rapp group has to be Three 6 Mafia. Triple Six represents some of Memphis's best rap but also a style that conflicts with Bone, as Triple Six argues that Bone stole their style. Triple Six has been composed of different members at different times and also have gotten contributions from now-solo artists such as Skinny Pimp, Playa Fly and Ska-face Al Kapone, but the current lineup is Gangsta Boo, Scarecrow, D.J. Paul, Juicy J, Crunchy Black, and Koopsta Knicca, yet Killa Klan Kaze, K-Rock, M-Child, and Project Pat still
contribute on some songs. Their debut album was Mystic Stylez, which they followed with Live By Yo Rep (B.O.N.E. Dis) and their latest effort, The End. Their style is somewhat similar to Bone's, but not truly. The End includes the radio hit "Good Stuff," the mellow "Where's Da Bud," and my favorite, "Tear Da Club Up."

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