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Hi!!Glad to have you here!!You are very brave to come
to the realm of questions...if you dare you could join my
club. All you have to do is,


*1:e-mail me


*2:make up a scout and in the e-mail describ what your scout looks like


*3:then I e-mail you and give you simple question to see if you are worthy for my club


Then you will be part of my wonderful club.We wil give you question's weekly for* "TIARA POINTS"*the more you have the better.And you shal win S.M. stuff.Oh,Yes I almost fogot the people in my club can vote for the best scout and the worst.Then I shal ad the vots up then the people that are the winners will get 3 Tiara Points.Pleas e-mail me at *
* as you can see my guardian cat Isis haves so many kittens .The people that join my club could guesse how many kittens she has ,and name them(just make it won name) On your way out please sign my guest book, so I no ho visited my realm.
To see the profiles on the scouts ClickHere
To see My Cyber Pets
I'm sorry befor I put my e-mail adresse wrong so please don't be angery at me!!and I have 4 new members they are:
Sailor Star
Sailor Alley Cat
Sailor Aura
Sailor Halley's Comet
Sailor Chibi Hoturu
welcome to my club!and I can't forget the first joiner
Sailor Asteroid^_~

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