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*Hey Everyone! Well here it is, my first homepage! My name is Sarajane and I'll be 18 on September 1! I'm a senior at Lehighton Area High School! I would like to say hello to some of my friends: Michelle, Nina, Sandy, Denise, Amber (thanx for helping me!), Missy D, Missy B, Jamie, Sean, Nick and Marygrace! If I forgot anyone, I'm so sorry! Nick, you lost what you could have forever! Well I hope you like my page and please sign my guestbook and tell me what you think!!! If you're wondering what the heck Snookers is, Snook is my last name spelled backwards and just about everyone calls me Snookers!!!
You can E-mail me at ruffruff@ptd.net or mvc_chica01@hotmail.com *
Go to my other page with pictures: http://sites.netscape.net/snookerssarajane/homepage
*I Love going skating, hanging out with my friends, going to the movies, dancing, pizza pockets, and hot wings! I plan to major in business in college! My birthday is September 1st, 1982, so that makes me a virgo! I like any kind of music! My favorite song is "Angel of Mine" by Monica! * I have AOL and my names on that are Snook9182 and enajaras82, but I always use Snook9182! My ICQ number is 35542132! Feel free to send me a message! No cybering though, ok?*

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