The South Australian Lodge of Research #216

Freemasons of South Australia * and the Northern Territory

The graphic above is of Ayers Rock (Uluru), located in the geographical centre of the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of South Australia. This is the world's largest monolith, having a circumference of 8km or nearly 5 miles. Hewn by nature over the ages, it is perhaps a worthy symbol of the work to be undertaken by freemasons in seeking after brotherly love, relief and truth, and a reminder that much remains to be done - indeed, we have barely begun (most of Uluru is invisible, below ground level).


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The South Australian Lodge of Research #216 meets in the even-numbered months on the third Friday, tyling at 7.30 pm at the Payneham Lodge Hall (Adelaide).

NEXT MEETING - 15 October 1999 - Installation of W Bro John Priede as WM

The lodge does not conduct degree workings. Full active membership is restricted to Master Masons and above. Papers are presented and discussed at the regular meetings. The discussion is often lively within the lodge room and afterwards at the festive board. The papers presented are subsequently published in the Annual Transactions of the Lodge, in A4 format, after professional editing.

We welcome consideration from Master Masons for active or corresponding membership. VISITORS are ALWAYS welcome at our meetings.


MASTER - Richard Num. SW - John Priede. JW - John Balikoff
*SECRETARY - Graham D Murray
South Australian Lodge of Research #216
PO Box 3, Marden, SA
Australia 5070
EDITOR - Tony Pope . RESEARCH COORDINATOR - George Woolmer .


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