The Stillborns

Live Fast, Die Young

If can't hear the music then e-mail me and I'll send you an e-mail clip of songs that you'll be able to hear. Go to the link for Ditchdiggin' Records for a review of this stuff. I'll e-mail samples of other bands on here as well.
!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!CD's are now available, 30 songs for $4 postage paid!!!!!! That's dirt cheap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Stillborns-"Live Fast, Die Young" LP "Better off Dead" LP, are available on one tape now for $2 postage paid. That's 30 songs of real Punk Rock! Some songs from the LFDY LP have parts re-recorded and remixed. Send a money order or well concealed cash to:
Charles Martin
P.O. Box 666
Greensburg, IN
*******For pictures, lyrics and stuff go to Phil's page listed below.
A friend of mine is making a zine called "Rough Trade". If you'd like a free copy, free ad, or to contribute, contact: Mr. Mik Cobb, 4335 W. 500 S., Columbus, IN, 47201. Check out his new site at Tell him I sent ya.
Get anything you can from the Piss Shivers.It'll be great! check out their site at
We are either gonna have a 7" on Hey, Mate Records or do a split EP with the owners band "Rupture". Their website is
By the way, get their singles because they are incredible!!!! They've got tons of great music on their cd's as well!! Get their Get F--ked C--t 7" first. Then get all the rest.We are gonna have 2 songs on a Rejedted Rekordz comp.Go to Check out Ditchdiggin' Records. We are listed on both sites. We are supposed to be on a Detroit Noise comp. in Sept. Check out their info on BYOFL listed below or go to We're gonna have 3 songs on a 2nd Rate Recordings comp. You can contact 2nd Rate Recordings at: Nic Plernel, 419 Aberdeen Dr., Waite Park, MN 56387. And we are gonna have a new song on the Beer City comp. in Sept. Their site is at So keep checking in, or better yet, write to my PO Box.
!!!!!*****for Ditchdiggin' Records go to-
!!!!Get stuff by The Goddamnditchdiggers and Swine System!!! They are extremely, extremly great!!! They are at the above listing, of course.
Check out It's a wondrful place. Check out Maximumrocknroll's site at:
I got a Random Conflict sample tape and it's really good. Write or them at; PO Box 12262, Huntsville, AL 35815-2262, or phone; (256)851-7526 or (256)764-5163.
The Pizzle single "Trouble in the Monkeyhaus" is real good. Contact them at; PO Box 193, Bloomington, IN, 47402.
For shows in Columbus, IN contact: The Boardroom,2320 Cottage Ave., Columbus, IN, 47203 or phone (812) 373-9827.They also sell skateboard stuff and music.
My friend Skunk has a great webpage with plenty of great links, info, stuff for trade and more. Check it out! It's at
Phil of course is the bassist and future part time singer. He redid this page with graphics. Check it out at
e-mail his new address at
Check out my Mr. Mik's page at
ROBB from The Hybridsquirrels is going to put up The Stillborns music for you guys to listen to. In turn check them them and their music out at By the way, the Jerkoffs broke up but people in the band are carrying on so keep an eye out on that. They are also on BYOFL.
We ar3e going to be on a Scum Records comp. due out in early Summer of 2000, go to for info.
Chek out a great new Punk resource site at

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Stillborns 7",Beer City Records' Underground Invasion #5 in Nov. and a Ditchdiggin' Records 7" 4way split comp. soon.

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