lease Help Stop School Violence

f we don't stop this now, it will go on forever.

This page is about school violence. It MUST stop now. If not, it will go on forever. If you're thinking about doing somthing violent which will hurt someone else, or yourself, seek help quickly. It is only a matter of time before you burst out your feelings in the form of violence. This all has to STOP very soon. I feel so sorry for the victims of these aweful crimes. I can't enforce this enough: THIS ALL HAS TO STOP. If you ever know anyone that is planning to kill or hurt themselves or others, inform a responsibe older person immediatly. You won't regret it. Please think about what I have put in this web site. Send it to all of your friends so this horrible crime can be stopped.

This past week and a half, has been horrible. So many schools were getting out of school early and having school off because of stupid fake "pranks" about shooting classmates, and mostly threats of bombs, and "hit lists". We need to make school a safe place to be, and an education center again, not a greaving site. So, please think about this site, and others I will post up periodically. Thank you for your time...

Go to these sites for more information:

http://www.whitehouse.GOV to write to President Clinton about all of this. to learn more about Littleton, CO. This is a very excellent web page about the prevention of School Shootings. I recommend that you check it out.

Dedicated to the Colorado Victims

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