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Gene Technology, Switzerland and
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World actuality
* Censorship in UK: See article "genetically modified food - policing the news".

* Link to "Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers", Essays of Scientists.

Political information on the gene protection initiative

On June 7th 1998 the Swiss Population voted about the "gene protection initiative", which wanted to set limits to genetic engineering.
33,3% YES, 66,7% NO
(means: No limits for genetic engineering)
Voting participation: ONLY 40,3%

Published before June 7th 1998:

* Wording of the gene-protection-initiative

* Explainations to the paragraphs of the gene-protection-initiative

* History of the gene-protection-initiative

* Peoples_rights in Switzerland


More chapters only available in german:

Discussion contributions
* Does Gentech create working places? No!
* With Gentech against the hunger problem? No!
* Bio- or Gene Technology are mixed up

Links to organizations involved:
* Links to gene protection proponents (most in german)
* Links to gene protection opponents (most in german)

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