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Hi all you guys and gals. Welcome to Pam Portz' web page!!! yeah- my name is Pam and I'm from Minnesota. Clogging is the coolest thing in the world- besides: guys, soccer and snowboarding. Anyways. I'm interested in hooking up with cloggers all over the world so if ya want to talk to me or leave your email so I can talk to you that'd be great. I also created this page so that other people could meet and stuff and who knows, maybe this page will play match maker, or something so you know what to do, just sign my guest book and hook up with some people k.K. This page will get cooler I promise! just come back to visit! And leave some ideas or information about clogging and about yourself and I'll get back to ya.

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I'd like to hear from ya so please email me! at http://nitrochick16@yahoo.com

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