"The Album"

~This story is totally fan-fiction and I am not invlolved with Hanson or Island Records so that means nothing about this is real alright! Enjoy~

I'm re-writing this story from scratch it's goin to be awsome when it's done it shouldn't take that long! email me with questions okay xoxo~ Katie

ChapterOne (School Day)
ChapterTwo (Autographs)
ChapterThree (We're gonna Partay!)
ChapterFour (Leaving on a jet plane)
ChapterFive (Moving In)
ChapterSix (They are much cuter in person)
ChapterSeven (SuperShort)
ChapterEight (Dancing in the Street)
ChapterNine (Duets)
ChapterTen (Duets 2)
ChapterEleven (Practice)
ChapterTwelve (She's So lucky she's a star)
ChapterThirteen (Ask her out for me)
ChapterFourteen (I wish I had the guts)
ChapterFifteen (Movies)
ChapterSixteen (He's cute)
ChapterSeventeen (Surfing and Sea Dooing)
ChapterEighteen (Kissing)
ChapterNineteen (Dad's in town)
ChapterTwenty (Saturday Bang)
ChapterTwenty-One (Suprise!)
ChapterTwenty-Two (Watch the Movie! Geez)
ChapterTwenty-Three (Street Ball)
ChapterTwentyFour (Pictures on the wall)
ChapterTwenty-Five (That's a Rap!)
ChapterTwenty-Six (Airport)
ChapterTwenty-Eight (Taylor is my man)
ChapterTwenty-Nine (Left at the Mall)
ChapterThirty (Threw In)
ChapterThirty-One (Cheater)
ChapterThirty-Two (Welcome Home)
ChapterThirty-Three (Friends)
ChapterThirty-Four (Sales go BOOM!)
ChapterThirty-Five (Locked Doors)
ChapterThirty-Six (Angel)
ChapterThirty-Seven (I might be)
ChapterThirty-Eight (Big No No!)
ChapterThirty-Nine (Going to tha Doctor)
ChapterFourty (TRL & It's a girl)
ChapterFourty-One (Wild Night)
ChapterFourty-Two (Wild Night Part II)
ChapterFourty-Three (Wild Night Part III)
ChapterFourty-Four (The Truth Hurts IV Parts)
ChapterFourty-Five (Backstage..)
ChapterFourty-Six (Baby Names)
ChapterFourty-Seven (Valentine's Day Blues)
ChapterFourty-Eight (Happy Birthday Taylor II Parts)
ChapterFourty-Nine (Let's Hear an Amen to that one)
*ChapterFifty (Suprise)
*ChapterFifty-One (3am Like a Virgin)

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