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My Favorite Quote: What you want and what you get aren't always the same

Hello! How's it going? I'm glad you decided to check out my homepage, better yet I hope you like it :) If you want to learn more about me just scroll on down a little bit. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed your stay :) When you are done please e-mail me and tell me how you liked it. Thanks so much!

*Age: 16 years old

*State: Michigan

*Sisters: 1

*Brothers: 1

*Pets: 4 {2 dogs, a bird, & a rabbit}

*Favorite color: Blue

*Sports I play: SOCCER (can't you tell?)

*Sports I like: Hockey ~GO RED WINGS~, Football, Baseball, & Volleyball

*Some of the bands I like: Dave Matthews Band, Matchbox20, Jewel, Bare Naked Ladies, & Sarah McLachlan

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