Siva Raja Yogi Ayya Swamikal (1814-1909)

The FIRST and the Great Social reformer of Kerala.Son of Muthukumaran (Malabar)andRugminiamma(Kollam).Original name Subbarayan Sidhas-Sri Chittiparadesi and Sri Sachidhanatharwere the early teachers.With them he wandered in Burma,Singapore,Penang and Africa.
For long time he meditated in Kodungallur and Srivalliputhoor temples.Later he came to Thycaud.
Devi appered before him at the site og Uthjaini Ammankovil.At that moment he sang the famous
"Thycaud Uthjain Mahakali Pancharatnam".He married Kamalamma from Ponneri.He had five children.
He went to Calicut and became the Tamil tutor of Mc Greger.Whe McGreger became Collector of Malabar
he recomende Subbarayan as the Manager of Thycaud Residency.Swathy Thirunal Maharaja was a
desciple of "Thycaut Ayya"-Ayyaswamikal.
Ayya organised Janapragagara sangam and Sivaprakasa sabha in Trivandrum with the help of
Prof.Sundaram Pillai father of Ex-minister PS.NatarajaPillai introduced "Sivaraja Yogavidhya"
Chattampi Swamikal,Sri.Narayana Guru and Swayamprakasa Yogini Amma were among his desciples.
He had desciples from Palace(Swathy Thirunal,AR.Raja Raja varma) to huts(Vanchiyoor Balanandan).From both sexes
(Mankattu Bhavani-an Ezhava lady,Kollathamma)and from all castes,Subramani Ayyer(Karamana),Nanu
(Ezhava),Thottathil Raman Kaniyar,Fr.Fernadez(Petta),Thakkala Peer Muhamad(muslim).He had desciples
from all strata of society.he considered all as equal.Caste and creed were unthikable to him.He started reforms before
Ghndhiji started his harijan-uplift ("harijenodhranam")
Ayya Swamikal introduced Panthibhojan ( feast with backward class people in a raw)in Kerala.
For his birth day feastsin Thycaud, Ayya used to sit beside Ayyankalialong with desciples from all the castes."intha ulakithile ore oru oru jathi ,ore oru matham,ore oru kadavul than"
was his doctrine.Sri Narayana Guru simply translated it into Malayalam ,but now he receives all the credit for
"Oru jathy,oru matham,Oru daivam".
Ayya was a SivaYogi He taught Nanu that any Yogi can install idol.After getting that advice Sri Narayana Guru
started installing idols.
In fact Siva Raja Yogi Ayya Swamikal was the FIRST SOCIAL REFORMER of Kerala, even thoug our Historians supressthat factor.

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