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WELCOME TO "Buzz's BoatYard & Import Sales

Buzz's BoatYard sells, trades, imports and locates toy boats of all kinds from inexpensive fun working boats to antiques made many years ago.

We also have a large expansion under way to open a line of new import products which we have just obtained a dealership for. Look for a new link here to take you to the new areas soon.

Also look for new business partnerships we have created
in order to bring you the best in new boats and antique toys of all kinds. You pond sailer collectors and racers... better bookmark this site! We've put up a page devoted to sales of the best quality pond sailing boats made anywhere in the world today. The links will be listed below, and you can always return to this menu by using your "back" button or the return links on each page.
Buzz's BoatYard has become so expansive it contains more than 10 pages of information, links and photos. Check each of the links on the following page also as we expand into new product lines. Our format may change, but our service and products will be held to the same high standards as always. We will continue to promote our main mission which is to provide a site for the average tin toy enthusiast or the serious collector to further the hobby of collecting antique tin toy ships and boats. We strive to put all our contacts on one site for the boat collector enthusiasts on the web. If you would like to create a business link to this site, please email us.

The very beginnings of some of our other import items may be found by clickingHERE! We expect this area of the site to grow quickly.

Each of the following links will take you to another page of the website. Be sure to check out the link to my own private collection where you will find part of the more than 150 boat and ship display. We also have a "For Sale" link below where you will find a listing and some photos of boats and ships we've located.


* TO WATCH A MOVIE OF OUR POP POP BOATS IN OPERATION,CLICK BELOW. We have streaming video and sound of each boat we sell in action on the pond.
Movies take approx 1 minute to load after video player box comes up(At 28.8). Be patient...its worth the load time! Be sure to wait long enough for file to load!
Click HERE

* PURCHASE WIND-UPS-HERE Check these prices!

* Pond Sailboats, ClickHERE! Check these Out!

* TOY BOAT COLLECTOR'S REGISTRY AND "FOR-SALE"-PAGE: Other collector's email addresses & boat listings of ships and antique craft I've located through hours of searching the web. Buzz's BoatYard brings it all to you in one location. Looking for a particular boat or ship? Ask us... we locate items for a small fee.




Other Pop Pop Links:

* Toy-Steam-Engines
* Vance-Bass's-''Pop-Pop-Pages''

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