Who was Henry H. Tolle?

The parents of Henry H. Tolle are missing. We need them to connect this family. We know that he is a descendant of Roger Tolle of Fauquier County, Virginia, but we just don't know where to put him on the Tolle family tree

HENRY H. TOLLE was born 6 Apr 1806, probably in Lewis County KY. He was raised by Lewis & Elizabeth (Priest) Debell, and named in their wills. He married in Mason County KY on 25 Jan 1831 to Sarah Phillips. Sarah was born 17 Dec 1802.

The children of Henry H. and Sarah (Phillips) Tolle were:

1) Lewis E. Tolle born Nov 1832 in Lewis Co KY. He was in Harrison Co IA by 1857 when he purchased land there. He inlisted in Co F. 12th Iowa Infantry on 17 Dec 1864 and was discharged 16 Dec 1865 in Mobile, Alabama. He applied for pension 11 Jun 1887, App #711377, Cert #508944. No marriage has ever been found for him. He died in 1918 and is buried with his parents in the Soldier Valley Cemetery in Harrison County IA.

2) Elizabeth P. Tolle born ca 1835 in Lewis Co KY; died 22 Nov 1864 at age 28yrs 11mos 6dys and is buried in the Soldier Valley Cemetery in Harrison Co IA. No marriage has been found for her and her tombstone says Tolle.

3) Sarah Tolle born ca 1837 Lewis Co KY; married 22 Feb 1865 in Harrison Co IA to Charles S. Brown (one record says 16 Feb 1865 but this may be date of license); Their children were Leroy C. Brown, May W. Brown & Clara Brown; she died 5 Feb 1903 and is buried in the Logan Cemetery in Harrison County IA.

4) Cordelia Tolle born ca 1841 in Lewis County KY; she married a man named Hagan; no other data at this time.

5) Estella Tolle (relationship is still uncertain) She was listed as a daughter of Henry H. Tolle in the 1880 census and on her marriage, but because of the age of Henry's wife (Sarah) this seems questionable. She was born about 1861. She married 30 Jan 1879 to Henry S. Schwartz. Their known children were:
--(1) Cammie Alice Schwartz born 3 Oct 1879, married Samuel Lee parks on 25 Oct 1898 in Logan IA; died 7 Apr 1925 in Gettysburg SD; had 3 children Orville E. Parks (1899-1983), Wayne B. Parks (1901-1955), & Helen Alice Parks (1908-1985).
--(2) Ina Leeannie Schwartz died 16 Aug 1881 and buried in Soldier Valley Cemetery in Harrison Co IA.
--(3) Fannie Lewis Schwartz died Sep 1882 and buried in Soldier Valley Cemetery in Harrison Co IA.
--(4) Winifred Schwartz born 1886; married Frederick S. Jones; she died 1965 and he died 1926; both are buried in the Soldier Valley Cemetery in Harrison Co IA.

Henry H. Tolle first appeared in the census records of Lewis County KY in 1840. There are land records there in his name also, and he is listed in the tax records there. He was still in Lewis County in 1850. Sometime before 1870 Henry moved to Harrison County IA, probably to be near his son. He is listed in the census there for 1870-1880 & 1900. He died on 24 Jul 1902 at the age of 96yrs 3mos 18dys and is buried in the Soldier Valley Cemetery, Jackson Township, Harrison County, Iowa. Sarah died 20 Jun 1885 at age 82yrs 6mos 3dys and is buried there too.

An additional problem for this family is the need to identify the relationship of Estella Tolle to Henry H. Tolle.

Always looking for information to link Henry H. Tolle to the descendants of Roger Tolle.

Latest updates to this family come from recently located Descendant/Researchers of Henry H. Tolle. Please visit TOLLE COUSINS #38 and #41


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