Who was Henson G. Tolle?

Lots of help is needed to identify this Tolle. He definitely belongs to the family of descendants of Roger Tolle of Fauquier County, Virginia, but where?

Henson first turned up by name in the 1830 census of Lewis County, Kentucky. He was listed as between age 30-40, and seemed to have a wife and family of five children. The 1840 census showed more children, but the early census did not name other family members.

In 1850 an H.G. Tole is recorded in Brown County, Ohio. This certainly appears to be him. Also some young people turned up in the census that could belong to him. In 1850 he had a wife named Margaret and more children. A recent record indicates that this wife could be Margaret Osborn, and must be a second marriage.
In Kansas City, Missouri a man who also seems to fit his family, bought land there in 1854 and then sold it in 1857. The next appearance is in Douglas County in the 1860 census.

In 1870 Margaret was found living in the house of her daughter and son-in-law in Linn County, Kansas. It is not know if Henson died in Douglas County or Linn County.

Using all this data, I have outlined a possible family for him. The children found on the different census records were:
1) a male b 1820-1825 KY(poss Isaac M. Tolle??)
2) a male b 1820-1825 KY
3) a female b 1820-1825 KY
4) a male b 1825-1830 (poss Stephen R. Tolle??)
5) a female b 1825-1830 KY
6) a male b 1825-1830 (poss Reuben H. Tolle??)
7) a male b 1830-1835 KY
8) a female b 1830-1835 KY
9) a male b bef 1840 KY
10) Nancy Ann Tolle b ca 1840 KY
11) Eliza Tolle b ca 1841 KY
12) Alexander Oliver Tolle b Apr 1845 KY
13) Henrietta Tolle b ca 1849 KY
14) Elizabeth Tolle b ca 1850 KY
15) John Tolle b ca 1856 OH

We not only need to find the family of this Henson G. Tolle, but identify the rest of his children. Are Isaac Mitchell Tolle; Reuben H. Tolle; and Stephen R. Tolle also sons as suspected. Plenty of help needed here.

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