Who was Jeremiah Hampton Tolle?

Jeremiah Hampton Tolle is still another member of the Tolle family that we have not been able to connect to his parents.

The first time his name appears in the records is in the Lewis County Tax lists for 1836. He can be found in some records as J. Hampton Tolle, and was even called Hamilton Tolle on the 1850 census of Lewis County, Kentucky.

On that census he is listed as age 23, born in Kentucky and he was shown as living between Henry H. Tolle and John Tolle. The 1860 through 1880 census records have him living consistantly in Lewis County, in Concord in 1880.

His first marriage may have been to Martha Phillips on 30 Jun 1838 in Aberdeen, Ohio. There is some confusion about this marriage because it is possible that it was actually a 3rd marriage for an older Jeremiah. There is no record of any children of this marriage.

The next marriage is to a Sarah Tolle on 15 Feb 1848 in Brown County. The name appeared incorrectly as TOOLE on that record. We do not know anything about Sarah. She may have been a cousin or even a widow of some other relative. The first four of his children were probably of this first marriage.
1) William Henry Tolle born ca Jun 1849
2) Mary J. Tolle born ca 1851
3) Nancy A. Tolle born ca 1855
4) George M. Tolle b ca 1858

His last marriage was to Mary Ellen Rook sometime before 1869. Nothing is known of her.
There were three more children from this marriage.
5) Anna A. Tolle born ca 1869
6) James E. Tolle born ca Mar 1876
7) Albert Curtis Tolle born Apr 1880; died Statenville GA.

Jeremiah Hampton Tolle died after the 1880 census, and it is possible he is buried in the Cedar Leaf Cemetery near Concord in Lewis County, Kentucky.

Does anyone know this Jeremiah Hampton Tolle?


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