Who was Stephen H. Tolle?

The parents of Stephen H. Tolle has not been identified. The census show his birthplace as Kentucky, but he was not found by that name as a child in the 1850 or 1850 census.

The first record for this Stephen H. Tolle is the 1870 census of Mason County, Kentucky. He is shown as age 24 (birth est 1846) born KY, occupation Moulder. Then in 1880 at age 34 and occupation as picture agent.

His wife was named Elizabeth, but her maiden name is confusing. In the different records it appears as Snedeker (son Alberts Death cert.) as Snedegar (son Gilberts death cert) and as her death certificate says her father was Gilbert Sneigher. The marriage probably occurred before 1863.

The children of this family as shown on the census are:
1) Mary E. Tolle b ca 1863. She appeared on the 1870 & 1880 census with her parents, but nothing further is known at this time.
2) Gilbert Seymour Tolle b 6 Aug 1868. Married Emma Leslie Hampton about 1900. They had 7 children surnamed TOLLE: Mattie G., Richard; Mark Kehow; Herman C.; Frederick; Betty; & Julia. He died 13 Apr 1948 and is buried in the Maysville KY cemetery.
3) Clarence Albert Tolle b 7 Mar 1871 in Mason Co KY. Married Elizabeth Maude Reed on 15 Jan 1891 and they had 7 children surnamed TOLLE: Alberta Gordon; Lola Mable; Magdalene; Gladys; Wallace B.; Fredona; & Theodore. Clarence died 26 Feb 1941 and is buried in Maysville KY.
4) John Parker Tolle b 17 Jun 1871. Married 1st Sarah Adair on 21 Mar 1892 and they had 4 children surnamed TOLLE: Stephen; Goldie; Maggie; & Woodson T.. He married 2nd Jessie Allison on 20 Jan 1907 and they had no children. John died 30 Mar 1946 in Kenton Co KY and is buried in the Maysville KY cemetery.

Stephen was not found on the 1900 census, although Elizabeth was. It was recently learned that Stephen H. Tolle may have deserted his family about 1889/90. The mother gave this information when she signed for the marriage of their son Albert. Elizabeth died 29 Jan 1925 and is buried in the Maysville KY cemetery.

Stephen H. Tolle is not only a mystery as to his parentage, but what happened to him after he left his family?

UPDATE: New information indicates that Stephen H. Tolle may be a part of the Laban Tolle family. Either a grandson or a son.

This family is actively being worked on now by two descendants who need as much information as they can get.So, any new information about Stephen H. Tolle and his family will be appreciated.

For descendant/researchers of /Stephen H. Tolle please visit TOLLE COOUSINS #64


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