Who was Charles Marion Tolle?

It seems that Charles Marion Tolle may have had two Tolle parents, but researching his own parents has been difficult.

The mother of Charles Marion Tolle was Mary Jane Tolle was born 4 Mar 1840. On her death certificate the name of her father is given as Anderson Tolle. There is another man named Anderson in the Tolle family, but not this one. Her birth is given as Indiana. She had a brother named John. The mothers name was given as an unknown Henderson. There are other Tolle-Henderson connections in this family. This Marion was probably born sometime in the 1830s.

On Charles Marion Tolles death certificate, his father is listed as Marion Tolle. He hasn't been identified either. There just haven't been anymore clues. One record indicates that this Marion might be a brother of Alfred Tolle (the one who married Catherine Bayless) but, no proof of that has been found yet.

Charles Marion Tolle was born 7 Jan 1858 in Lewis County, Kentucky. He married first 22 Jan 1879 in Lewis Co to Laura F. Queen. Bondsman was George Queen.

Charles & Laura had two children:
1) Lulu L. Tolle b Mar 1880
2) Lucy Tolle b Apr 1883

Charles Marion Tolle married second Martha Ellen Frye on 23 Jun 1892.

Charles & Martha had four more children:
3) Hattie Thomas Tolle b 23 Oct 1892
4) Hamer Thomas Tolle b 13 Dec 1894; married 3 Feb 1914 to Lydia Pearl Rummins; Hamer died 26 Jun 1950; Lydia died 17 Aug 1967; they had 5 children.
5) Walter Rodman Tolle b ca 1901
6) Maude Queen Tolle b ca 1907.

Charles Marion Tolle died 15 Aug 1942 in Lewis County, Kentucky. He is buried in the Salem Church in Lewis County, Kentucky.

So in this record, we are actually trying to find out who this Anderson Tolle and Marion Tolle were. Any thoughts?

For Descendant/Researcher of Charles Marion Tolle, please see TOLLE COUSIN #49 -- #60


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