Who was Henson S. Tolle?

Henson S. Tolle is another of those problem people who we know belong to the Tolle Family. Actually there are two entirely different men by the name of Henson. I have always felt that Henson S. may have been a son of William Tolle & Diana Benham, but more proof is needed.

His birth is estimated from the records as about 1806. The first time he showed up in the records was when he married Jane Powell on 6 Apr 1827 in Lewis County, Kentucky. There is a lot of descrepancies about this marriage. It isn't a proven fact that this is the correct Henson. Also in a death certificate for a descendant the name Jane West was given. This is an area that really needs a lot of answers

He next appeared in the 1830 census of Adams County. He is recorded as Hanson Toll on that record. Someone appearing to also be him was listed as Hudson Toll on an 1831 Tax roll, and in 1833 as Henson Toll. This was in Sprigg Township, Adams County, Ohio. He was a witness & surety to the marriage of Phoebe Tolle to William Redman in 1830. It isn't know what her relationship is either.

The family of Henson S. Tolle can only be guessed at from using the census of 1830 & 1840. Names of family members were not recorded in those years. This is what his family looks like:
1) a male born 1820-1825
2) a female born 1820-1825
3) Napoleon B. Tolle born 1825-1830
4) a male born 1825-1830
5) a male (poss William Edgar Tolle) b 1830-1835
6) a female (poss Elvira Tolle) b 1830-1835
7) Nancy Jane Tolle born Jun 1837
8) John T. Tolle born about 1838

Sometime between 1833 & 1840 he left Ohio, and appeared in the 1840 census of Vermillon County, Illinois.

In 1850 he was found in Champaign County, Illinois. He appeared to be a widower with a twelve year old son on that record.

On 8 Oct 1854 Henson married a woman named Frances Pearman and they divorced in 1856.

He wasn't seen again until 1880 when he was found living with a married daughter & her husband in Green County, Iowa. He was listed as age 74.

That was the last record of him. It is likely that he died there in Green County.

This is a Tolle Puzzle that really needs to be solved. Any clues?


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