Who was Mary Elizabeth (Tolle) Wheeler?

Very little is known about Mary Elizabeth Tolle (spelled Tole in one record). We don't know how or if she belongs on the descendant list for Roger Tolle of Fauquier County, Virginia, but we would like to find the answers.

MARY ELIZABETH TOLLE, her birth, estimated by the births of her know children, would probably be between 1800 & 1810.

She married John Wheeler.

The two known children of Mary Elizabeth (Tolle) and John Wheeler were:

1. Minerva Wheeler born 24 Apr 1826 in Kentucky.

2. John Wesley Cleaver Wheeler born about 1832 in Kentucky. He married Barbara Ellen Jordan.

There may have been other children, but none are currently known.

Does anyone know Mary Elizabeth (Tolle) Wheeler?

For Descendant/Researcher of Mary Elizabeth Tolle please see TOLLE COUSIN #63


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