Who was Sarah (Tolle) Hosick

This Sarah Tolle is an interesting puzzle. Her name is recorded as Tolle on the record of her marriage to Alexander Hosick on 10 Feb 1778 in Greenbriar County VA.

One of her descendants believes that there is a possibility that her name may have been Tolley instead of Tolle. This is an important difference, since these are two different families, and we would really like to solve this problem.

I have never found any other reference to Sarah in the records of the descendants of Roger Tolle, and also, Greenbriar County VA isn't an area where other members of the famiy have been found either.

Eugene Trimble, on the other hand, has found members of the Tolley family in the same areas with Sarah and her husband.

Sarah (Tolle) and Alexander Hosick had the following known children, born between 1778 and 1795.

1) Alexander Hosick
2) William Hosick
3) Nancy Hosick
4) James T. Hosick
5) Rachel Hosick
6) Diana Hosick
7) Eleanor Hosick
8) Jane Hosick

The family moved from Greenbriar Co VA (now West Virginia) to Madison County KY where Alexander appeared on the deed books 1796-1810, but at the time of the 1810 census they were living in Livingston County KY.

Alexander Hosick's will was proved in July 1815. Sarah was still living when the will was written on 25 Dec 1814.

Was Sarah a Tolle - Tolley or who?

Information for this puzzle was furnished by Eugene E. Trimble, Tolle Cousin #84


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