Who was Reuben H. Tolle?

This man, Reuben H. Tolle has been a real problem in the search of his ancestry. The earliest record we have for him is in Douglas County, Kansas in 1866.

Reuben was born according to what census we have for him, about 1832 in Kentucky. He first appeared when he married Elizabeth Johnson on 11 Nov 1866 in Douglas County, Kansas. Elizabeth Johnson was married first to Bellona Curry on 2 Aug 1863. The wedding of Reuben & Elizabeth was performed by H.H. Howard, JP. (Douglas Co KS Marriage Book 1, page 156)

Reuben and Elizabeth had these three children:
1) Maryetta Tolle born ca 1867
2) Rosella Tolle born Aug 1869
3) Reuben Tolle born about 1876

There are two deed entries for Reuben in 1850 & 1873 in Douglas County. (Douglas Co KS Deed Books T, p 224 & vol 8, p 571)

He was on the 1870 Federal census and the 1875 State census of Douglas County, but was not found anywhere in 1880 so far.

Elizabeth muxt have died and he married again on 28 May 1890 in Douglas County to Mrs Mary E. McCain. Her maiden name is unknown. She was the widow of John McCain, and had 4 children.

The next record we have is when he and and Mary were witness to the marriage of his son Reuben Jr in 1899 Payne County, Oklahoma.

And the last time they were seen was in the 1900 Federal census of Stoddard County, Missouri.

The name Reuben H. Tolle can be found in another branch of the Tolle family. He may well have been named for the original Reuben Hampton Tolle, but the actual connection has not been found.

The possibility exists, because of his age birthplace, and where he finally turned up in Kansas that he could be a son of Henson G. Tolle. That too, needs to be proven.

UPDATE: Recent info names the son of Reuben H. Tolle as Reuben Hansen Tolle. To me this is even more of an indication that the Father was also probably Reuben Henson Tolle, son of Henson G. Tolle. Looking for that proof.

Can anyone out there offer any clues?

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